Bouquet (5 flowers), 2022
Oil transfer on paper
43 x 34.5 cm

Bouquet (5 flowers) is a drawing of a bouquet depicting five flowers all based on a different reference. In no particular order: A painting by Britney Spears (untitled, 2017), a painting by Charles Ray (untitled, 2009) a drawing found on the streets of Amsterdam in 2018, signed by a girl called Olivia (untitled, date unknown), a drawing made by an unknown artist taken out of the Voynich Manuscript (Voynich Manuscript, 15th century) and a drawing made by the artist himself (Daisy, 2020).

Fondle, 2021
oil transfer on found cardboard
25.8 cm x 16.3 cm

Touch with your eyes, 2021
oil transfer on found cardboard
15 cm x. 23.5 cm

Companion, 2021
oil transfer on found paper

Swirling into who knows what dreams, 2022
Oil transfer on paper
20 cm x 30 cm